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Passenger Van Accidents

For decades, 15 passenger vans have been the vehicle of choice for transporting large groups of people and their cargo. The vehicles are used for the transportation of variety of groups, including school groups, church groups, and business groups. 15 passenger vans have been surrounded by controversy, due to the unsafe track record of the vehicle.

As the result of serious design flaws, 15 passenger vans are exceptionally dangerous, especially when fully loaded. Some of the defects that make these vehicles so hazardous involve the body of the vehicle and the unrealistic and unreasonable capacity limitations. Cargo vans are top heavy and the rear of the vehicle may extend as far as four feet beyond the rear wheels, increasing the vehicles chances to rollover and/or fishtail.

When a 15 passenger van is overly loaded with cargo and fifteen people, the vehicle has a 70% increase for a rollover accident. Listed below are some 15 passenger van accident statistics:

More than 400 people have died in single-vehicle rollovers in 15 passenger vans since 1990.

There are currently about 500,000 15 passenger vans being used in the United States.

The Federal government has banned the use of 15 passenger vans for transporting school aged children.

Due to the seriousness of the defects of 15 passenger vans the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released warnings and special recommendations regarding passenger van safety.

The majority of 15 passenger vans on the highway have been produced by Ford Motor Co. The Ford models include the E350 and Club Wagon E350. Chrysler produced the Dodge Ram Wagon B350 and Ram Van/Wagon B3500. General Motors produced the Chevrolet Express 3500, the GMC Savana, and the Rally/Vandura G3500. The same basic inherent problems that make the Ford 15 passenger vans so dangerous are present in the Chrysler and GM versions.

Typically the cost incurred to pursue automobile products liability cases is in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The most important evidence in a 15 passenger van accident case is usually the van itself. It is critical to secure the 15 passenger van immediately and safeguard it for inspection by your attorney's experts. All experienced and knowledgeable law firms that handle auto products liability cases have the means and facilities to immediately secure evidence, in this case, fifteen passenger vans, for inspection, testing and use as evidence.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious personal injury or death as the result of a 15 passenger van accident or rollover, you should seek the advice of an experienced and skillful auto product liability lawyer immediately.

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