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Boat Accidents - Head & Brain Injury

Just as in automobile accidents, operator negligence is the leading factor contributing to boating accidents. When a boat operator is inattentive, reckless, inexperienced, driving too fast, or under the influence of alcohol, it is a recipe for disaster. Yet the sad truth is that the majority of injuries or deaths could have been prevented if only a little caution was used.

A boating accident attorney is trained to help the victims of boating accidents recover damages for boating accident injuries and any liability-related medical expenses, pain and suffering, wages lost and any damage to their property. The boating accident attorneys are trained in complex maritime laws and will be able to handle your case with expertise, efficiency, and understanding.

When Tragedy Strikes
If a boating accident does occur, hopefully no one is seriously injured or killed. Yet if a family member dies as a result of someones negligence, it would be in your best interest to speak with a boating accident attorney as soon as possible. We realize that litigation may not be at the forefront of your mind during such troubling times; but the sooner you speak with an attorney, the sooner any financial problems can be avoided.

The victim's dependents and beneficiaries may be eligible to seek compensation for damages (within a certain time frame) in a wrongful death suit. A boating accident attorney will fight for your legal rights to see that you are justly compensated for your losses.

Safety First
Boating is a wonderful recreation for the entire family and is an important part of many peoples' lives. In addition, by following a few simple safety guidelines, boating can be a very enjoyable and safe pastime.

If you are operating a boat, do not consume alcohol. Just as when operating an automobile, it is illegal to operate a watercraft under the influence of alcohol. Even if no accident occurs, a boat operator who is found under the influence of alcohol can face serious charges.

Wear a life preserver or at least make sure there are enough flotation devices onboard for every passenger. About 85% of boating accident victims who drowned did not wear life jackets. Preparation is key.

Obey all the rules of the water. These rules may vary depending on what type of body of water you are on and what type of boat you are operating.

Following these guidelines significantly increases the likelihood that your boating experience will be fun and safe.

Boating accidents are part of a very particular area of law; the maritime laws governing boating accident cases are highly complex and vary depending on the location and circumstance of the boating accident. You need the experience of a boating accident attorney at your side.

As with all types of accidents in which the negligence of someone caused injury or death to another, it is a trying time for the victim or the victims family. As we believe when it comes to all our cases, money will never compensate for the time a person loses or the heartache a survivor feels. However, the last thing a grieving family or injured person should have to struggle with is a pile of expenses when someone else was at fault to begin with. To make sure that your rights are protected and that you get what you lawfully deserve, call a boating accident attorney to set up a free consultation

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